Got something to say? We’d like to hear from you…


Call For Speakers

Got something to say? We’d like to hear from you…

The programme for E3S will be published shortly, but if you are interested in speaking or presenting, or have any input about topics that should be covered, we would like to hear from you.

With leading security experts and live event professionals coming together for E3S, the conference programme is designed to further industry understanding of this critical field, to promote best practice and encourage information exchange.

The format of the day will mix practical presentations from security experts and showcase the latest concepts and tools to protect audiences, staff and infrastructure. Meanwhile, panel discussions will invite leading industry figures, security experts and authorities to contribute to an open dialogue on a variety of related topics.

The E3S team is currently working on the agenda so if you do have a concept or service to present, an opinion to put forward or a topic to suggest, please email greg@ilmc.com.