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E3S 2018: Who’s in the room?

There’s one month to go before the second Event Safety & Security Summit (E3S), and the list of guest speakers and attendees is taking shape fast. From demonstrations of the latest tools, to dialogue on the newest concepts, it’s an important diary date. If you don’t yet have your ticket, it’s advisable to register soon.

So who’s in the room? The 300+ delegates at E3S represent key companies and major players from across the live music and event industries. We listed a few below (in strictly alphabetical order, of course)…

In addition to the registered delegates, amongst the guest presenters, speakers and workshop leaders are Danielle Kennedy Clark (The O2), Jon Drape (Ground Control), Aline Renet (PRODISS), Pascal Viot (Paleo Festival), Sabine Funk (Int. Training Centre for Crowd & Safety Mgmt), Paul Foster (Foamhand), Lord KerslakeGary Simpson (SEC), Ian Kerr (ID Resilience), James Cobb (Crowd Connected), Chris Kemp (MOM Consultancy), Luci D’Orsi (Met Police), Daniel Brunsch(Universität zu Köln) & Ken Scott (Green Guide/SGSA).