PRESENTATION: The Crowd as Participatory Threat Sensors

30 Oct 2018
10:30 - 11:00
Innovation Suite

PRESENTATION: The Crowd as Participatory Threat Sensors

In the rush to adopt surveillance technologies and manual searches for event security, we have perhaps forgotten that every pair of eyes and ears at our event is a security and safety sensor.

So how can we recruit our audience to keep itself safe? And just how possible is it to crowdsource our security?

Engaging event attendees as threat sensors addresses another key concern for all stakeholders: manpower costs. Many event managers and venues know they could offer more security if only they could access enough key staff with the right skills at a lower price.

Technology can help to simplify reporting, validate concerns and accelerate response to identified threats – whether it’s the unattended bag, the man behaving suspiciously, or a lost child.

Krowdthink’s Geoff Revill presents Home Office (Office of Counter-Terrorism) sponsored, researched and developed technology that digitally engages the crowd to easily connect with on-site security using the existing infrastructure in any venue.