PRESENTATION: Mobile Messaging in Emergency Communication

30 Oct 2018
13:30 - 14:00
Innovation Suite

PRESENTATION: Mobile Messaging in Emergency Communication

While many venues and festivals have mobile apps with high levels of adoption, mobile messaging is a relatively new communication channel in emergency situations, such as an evacuation.

Much of the current guidance (such as the Green and Purple Guides) fails to mention mobile messaging, and yet delivering highly targeted messaging to audience members can be effective.

But how do people respond to digital messaging in emergencies? Do they react in the same way to different communication channels? Could the use of digital communication have unintended consequences?

James Cobb, CEO of Crowd Connected, presents exclusive results of crowd movement data gathered from festival apps over several years, including a number of site wide evacuations. In addition to the data itself, Cobb will explore the role of mobile messaging in emergency communication.